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How to convert video and burn VCD onto a CD-R?

Step by step::

Step 1: Click a1.jpg (2756 字节)(Add button) to select the media files you want to convert.

Step 2: Set the preference setting, press [Option] menu->Preferences, or click tool buttona4.jpg (2698 字节)to set the Preference setting. For more details, please see the topic of Preference setting. Of course, you can press [Control] menu-> Set Output Directory, setting the path that you want to put the output real files.

Step 3: After set the preferences setting, press [Control] menu ->Convert, or click tool button a3.jpg (2883 字节) to start converting.

Step 4: Click to burn VCD.

If want to get more details, please see the "help"

(Note: You need install Real Alternative, RealPlayer or RealOne for using this software. Real alternative is freeware, and you can download it from If other media use the audio channels currently, we advise you to stop running it. Install Real Alternative will make RealOne can't work normally, but you can play the media file by Windows Media Player. )

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